Who We Are

Foundry Healthcare is a creative communications agency, built around world-class people, that specialises in healthcare, pharmaceutical, veterinary and medical marketing.

Using a combination of traditional marketing practices, alongside science-based strategies, we help healthcare companies to overcome sector-specific challenges that ultimately inform and influence clinicians, budget holders and patients.

With our wide knowledge of healthcare sectors, we can communicate on a peer-to-peer level with clinicians, and market products with a deep understanding of the legal implications.

Our unique understanding of the pressures you face, combined with insight generation from bespoke research projects, means we can deliver cost-effective, creative campaigns that can solve any healthcare marketing problem.

Our People

Anna Scott, Head of Healthcare

This marathon-training Swede was a Graphic Designer before she moved to the dark side. Usually found drinking very strong coffee.

This super-cute sausage-lover is the surprise Christmas gift that made our Finance Director’s dreams come true.

Bow Murphy
Mischievous Office Pooch

Blessed with the anagrammatic name "Brainchild", our Non-Executive Director is still opinionated after 50 years in the business.

Brian Child
Non-Executive Director

Our Finance Director and company Agony Aunt is now the proud owner of her very own pooch. Always at the helm of incredible Xmas parties.

Cath Murphy
Finance Director

Pound Shop Protagonist and Consumers’ Association Advocate. Who would you want to be haggling down your print (et al) prices, while proof-reading your ad copy?

Dave Hoare
Print Buyer

Feared by timesheet dodgers, our footy-fanatic Accounts Assistant sets a shining example for the Foundry Slimming Club.

Elaine Lowe
Accounts Assistant

Technical wizard and Foundry founder who loves his two grown-up boys as much as AC/DC – well, almost!

Ian McKay
Digital Director & Founder

This Art Director admits to watching too much ‘trash TV’ but puts her creative talents to good use in the garden.

Kate Booth
Art Director

Our festival-going web developer has endless skills, including cooking and an ‘A’ in GCSE History, no less.

Kevin Lees
Digital Developer

Demonstrates with his daily digital prowess that he wasn’t just selected for his name. (We collect Kevins.)

Kevin O'Driscoll
Digital Developer

Our horror-hating Account Manager keeps our Digital Boys under control while eating peanut butter straight out of the jar.

Kirsty Sherlock
Digital Marketing Manager

It isn’t just luck that our festival-loving, Northern Irish MD has a history of turning clients’ fortunes around.

Mark Bottomley
Managing Director

Sharpened his yellow pencil from a young age. When will our gym-loving Senior Art Director run off with yet another award?

Mital Daya
Senior Art Director

With a degree in Biomedical Sciences and a Masters in Biological Sciences, this farmer’s daughter likes everything about cows, except eating them.

Nicola Robson
Junior Account Executive

A self-confessed maths geek, this multi-talented seafood fan has a penchant for horror films, but she’s no zombie when it comes to computers.

Priya Nathan-Charles
Senior Account Manager

Artwork craftsman Scott is a football-playing Man Utd fan with a reggae penchant. He regularly rides a riddim, and has never missed a beat.

Scott Brabazon

Our resident ‘go-to’ for all things type-related, this charming man once appeared in a music video for The Smiths.

Stuart Simpson
Assistant Creative Director

This Salford-born biker swapped her art pencils for airbrushes and quickly became our typesetting expert.

Tracey Elliott
Production Manager

Often found on the dance floor without shoes, our resident writer likes to eat, drink and run in (fairly) equal measures.

Vicky Green

Our Clients

Our Awards

Our healthcare clients value effectiveness over creativity. We’re proud to say we are internationally acknowledged for both.