Insight. Strategy. Creativity.

All healthcare brands need to build authority and increase sales. We generate actionable insight, develop informed strategy and create compelling creative solutions that engage your audience.


Customer insight is at the heart of everything we do. In response to your brief, we run in-house qualitative focus groups and individual depth interviews to really get under the skin of customers. We then use quantitative market research to develop an overview of market movements and changing group behaviours.

We also consult our bi-monthly panel of healthcare professionals who share issues that concern them and answer any questions you may raise. 

Lastly, we eavesdrop on the online world, listening to what is being said about your brand, product and therapy area. This includes connecting and contributing to recognised social groups in the healthcare sector.

Brand audit

Let us take a look at your healthcare brand through a fresh pair of eyes. By understanding what’s working and what isn’t, we can capture the essence of your raison d’être in a core proposition that won’t just inspire your next campaign, but will also drive your entire communications strategy, moving forward.

Digital audit

Find out who is visiting your website and when; how they navigate it; your competitive profile and conversion rates. We can then use this data to ensure your site is fully optimised with relevant content and strong contextual links, ironing out any technical issues that could be affecting usability. 

Advisory panels

Whether you’re launching a new product, trialling a new service or just at the development stage, we can set up and run advisory panels with key opinion leaders, healthcare professionals, patients or any other audience to garner opinions from the people who matter. 

Quantitative surveys

Quantitative data is an ideal supplement to qualitative insights, giving you a much deeper understanding of your audience types, their behaviour and attitudes across segments. From patient satisfaction surveys to product performance reviews, our quantitative surveys provide conclusive facts to drive change. 

Qualitative focus groups

Qualitative research can help to answer specific questions about your healthcare brand and how it is perceived. Our focus groups are tailored to your specific needs to reveal actionable insights in line with your business objectives.

Depth interviews

Our research and development team has a wealth of experience in social marketing and behavioural change. We have conducted intensive depth interviews for a multitude of clients, from the NHS to private maternity hospitals, which has informed world-class advertising campaigns.   


Healthcare companies face many barriers to change, whether economic, cultural, social or regulatory. Our initial research and planning helps us to identify these issues and to develop well-informed strategies to overcome them.

To marry customer insight with an understanding of the wider market, and your brand’s assets, we chair symposia, encourage scientific exchange, help conduct clinical evaluations and organise patient insight events.

Our relationships with Key Opinion Leaders and understanding of regulatory processes mean we can put your brand under the noses of the people who count: people whose views shape how products are discussed, perceived, used and shared.

We then turn this raw data into meaningful, customer-targeted, user-friendly communications. By developing brand messages that truly engage your audiences, we can help you achieve success in both new and traditional channels. 

Brand positioning

How do patients and healthcare professionals see your brand? Do GPs recommend your service? Have vets understood why spending more on your product means better value, long-term?

Good healthcare brand positioning is essential if you are to survive and stand out in a highly competitive, heavily regulated landscape. We will help you pinpoint your motivations for success and develop a positioning based on genuine audience insights.

Whether you already own an established brand or are just getting your idea off the ground, we’re here to challenge you, test your messaging and refine your communications. 

Marketing strategy

Twenty years ago, consumers would look to their GP, pharmacist or vet for advice and product recommendations. Today, it’s a very different story. Channels of communication have opened up exponentially and traditional methods of approach aren’t yielding the same returns.

That’s not to say they aren’t right for you. The important part is to understand how your audience is researching, consuming and sharing information about your therapy area, products or services.

Then we can build a communications strategy using a combination of the best, and most relevant, media on- and offline, continuously monitoring and refining to ensure ongoing success.  

Campaign planning

Once we’ve established the most effective media for your communication, we will carefully plot out your campaign, ensuring you are present at every touchpoint of the patient’s or professional’s journey.

We’ll make sure you’re easy to find at the research stage; build credibility with quality content in answer to real issues; increase interaction and involvement; and encourage the desired action.

Beautifully created, targeted healthcare campaigns that involve your audience from the start, and nurture that relationship, are then shared via social channels with more people who have the potential to adopt your brand.  


Our designers and writers are award-winning creative people who are experienced hands in the healthcare sector. They will work with you to realise and refine your message in appropriate forms for every medium.

We have advertising and packaging experts; technical writers adept at communicating with a highly-qualified and knowledgeable audience; skilled Web Designers, SEO and PPC experts, and blog/social media writers; and Art Directors whose experience of multi-channel marketing for healthcare brands goes back decades.

All of which is complemented by an awareness of legislative & regulatory restrictions (UK/European and global) that is built into the content creation process.

Healthcare marketing

With the perfect blend of creativity and clever planning, we can develop a healthcare marketing strategy that wins new business, as well as awards. We can help you at every stage of your brand development, from how your products look on the pharmacy shelf to what makes you stand out at your next trade event. Services include:

  • Press, TV and radio campaigns
  • Corporate identity and packaging design
  • Brochures, detail aids, data sheets, product literature
  • Exhibitions and events
  • PR campaigns

Digital healthcare marketing

Your audience is now more empowered than ever, thanks to the continued growth of digital media. Patients self-diagnose, search for new products and share advice. Professionals watch ‘how-to’ videos, listen to webinars and access clinical studies online. You know it’s happening, but how can you own it? We can help you with:

  • Websites
  • PPC campaigns
  • Email campaigns
  • YouTube channels
  • Videos
  • Webinars

Social media marketing

Social media is your chance to get closer to your audience and create deeper connections. Digital word-of-mouth. It’s the most powerful tool available. We can help you eavesdrop on conversations, build authority, increase brand engagement and create relationships with the people who matter. We do this through:

  • Blogs
  • Facebook pages
  • Twitter accounts
  • Pinterest boards
  • Reputation monitoring and management

Medical marketing

Medical products and devices have to do more than simply market key benefits. They must also prove that they are clinically effective, cost-effective and safe, while supporting commercial strategies such as formulary inclusion.

We work with clinicians and scientists to generate written evidence that supports your brands and therapy areas.

We’ll conduct clinical evaluations, read research papers and run volunteer studies until we’ve identified an opportunity in the market that can be translated into a USP. Only then can we begin to develop propositions that define and build your healthcare brand.

  • Medical education
  • Scientific exchange
  • Clinical evaluations
  • KOL engagement
  • New product evaluation
  • Seminar programmes
  • Training schemes