Training Programme

Scholl’s footwear collection is based around a range of very specific technologies that bring different benefits to the wearer, from shock absorption to exercise. We helped the brand to educate sales staff in pharmacy, offering specialist training for their specialist products and helping to increase sales.


Many pharmacies stock Scholl shoes and the brand’s objective is to maintain distribution and build sales in this channel. Volumes depend, to a large extent, on the technical knowledge and abilities of shop staff. Could we strengthen these things – and improve the Scholl/sales assistant relationship at the same time?


When it comes to specialist products, knowledgeable staff members sell more. We set about developing a unique foot-health training programme for pharmacy staff.

The course was modular and self-directed, beginning with the structure of the foot, through common foot and walking problems, to solutions and how to fit and sell Scholl shoes.

Students were accredited as ‘Foot Care Specialists’ when they had completed the course and pharmacies were encouraged to recognise staff who reached this additional level of expertise.


In addition to designing the foot health training manual, we created stronger range support materials and point of sale. The campaign established Scholl as experts in foot health, improved staff professionalism and increased motivation and loyalty among store personnel.