How To Increase Prevention And Self-Care Through Social Media

Social Media

Times are changing. With more ways to communicate and share information online, today’s patient has already diagnosed themselves and have researched treatment options by the time they’re sitting in front of their GP.

They know the correct terminology, have listened to other opinions and are ready to challenge healthcare professionals on everything, from product selection to the treatment protocol. With this in mind, how can we get in at the start of their journey and create positive relationships that influence lifestyle choices and encourage self-care?


With social media, we have the power to influence the way patients talk about healthcare and share knowledge. Whether it’s developing an app to help leg ulcer patients manage compression therapy or seeding articles that help the diabetes-prone to develop healthy habits, we can develop educational tools that can prevent illness and promote care. 

If 96% of Internet-using adults are using online information to help them diagnose, treat and manage their condition, let’s get involved in these online conversations and turn patients into promoters, while at the same time helping healthcare professionals educate, monitor progress and improve compliance.


Social media is such a valuable vehicle for communicating with customers, healthcare brands can’t afford to ignore it. The conversations are going to continue, whether you get involved or not. It’s knowing what to say, and when to say it, that will help your message get through to the right people.

Social conversations are a two-way street. By finding a natural way to talk to end-users, medical device manufacturers can develop deeper relationships and become a trusted source of information that will be liked and, more importantly, shared by a wider audience.


Good social media agencies are worth their weight in gold because they’ll help you reach the right people, in the right place, at the right time. 

The Foundry Healthcare has a unique understanding of the healthcare landscape. Which means we can develop social media strategy that engages with patients at every point of their journey – from diagnosis to treatment and management.

We design assets and content that aligns to your audience’s needs at any particular time, so that their interactions with your brand always feel genuine. We’ll then help you implement your strategy through the most effective channels and continually monitor and refine any activity to make sure your brand stays relevant.

If you’d like to see how The Foundry Healthcare could help your business through social media, call 0161 926 8444.

Anna Scott

Anna Scott

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