How Will the Removal of Primary and Secondary Care Boundaries Affect Your Healthcare Brand?


As the number of patients with long term and complex conditions continues to rise and hospital services remain under growing financial pressure, healthcare provision is moving towards a more collaborative approach.

The traditional lines between primary and secondary care are beginning to blur. With the empowerment of Clinical Commissioning Groups, some services will be centralised and more care will be community-based, with an emphasis on disease prevention, specialist nursing support and hospital home care.

With such a diverse and growing audience, how can medical device manufacturers ensure they are part of the conversation at local level?

Keeping Your Brand Visible In The Changing Landscape

By taking a more holistic approach to selling, manufacturers can start to influence not just patients and carers, but the wider audience of local authorities, charities and even patient groups.

Finding out what services will move to the community, understanding local budgets and getting to grips with what resources residents need, will help you to identify areas where you can add value across the entire patient pathway. 

Omni-Channel Marketing Is More Important Than Ever

A recent survey found 53% of marketing outreach to doctors is now via “non-personal promotions”, such as email and mobile alerts. With less face-to-face time between healthcare professionals and sales reps, omni-channel marketing has never been more relevant.  

A tailored, omni-channel strategy can help you to reach more people, more of the time. Whether that’s creating an app that helps patients manage their diabetes or sharing the latest clinical data with professionals through branded webinars, you can identify unmet needs, then meet them.

How An Agency Can Help Your Brand Add Value 

A well-respected healthcare marketing agency can get closer to what patients and providers want by conducting qualitative and quantitative research. This informs the strategy for omni-channel, integrated marketing campaigns.

The Foundry Healthcare works closely with healthcare brand teams and your sales force to develop creative solutions that give you a competitive advantage.

By implementing omni-channel and digital campaigns that target a wider audience, we help healthcare brands to sell products today and build for tomorrow.

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Anna Scott

Anna Scott

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