Mölnlycke Health Care

Creating a house of brands for a global medical device manufacturer

Theatre consumables were becoming commodities, selected on price rather than product benefits. We helped global manufacturer, Mölnlycke Health Care, develop a distinct house of brands and a deeper connection with their audience of healthcare professionals by helping them live their values.  


Mölnlycke Health Care is a world-leading manufacturer of single-use surgical and wound care products, from advanced dressings to surgical drapes, gloves and gowns.

Their extensive portfolio is used by healthcare professionals globally and includes HiBi®, a clinically-proven range of surgical scrub solutions and antibacterial rubs, and ProcedurePak®, customised trays of single-use medical devices for specific surgical procedures.

Competing in an environment primarily dictated by cost, our challenge was to connect with healthcare professionals and build a long-term relationship that would help Mölnlycke become a trusted partner, rather than just a provider of theatre consumables. 


Our research revealed that, despite being used by theatre nurses and surgeons worldwide, medical devices were often being selected based on price, rather than on technical merit, and certainly not by manufacturer.

With decisions heavily influenced by procurement, we needed to find a way to connect with our audience of healthcare professionals. Historically, Mölnlycke Health Care had focused on what they do. It was time to shout about why they do it. 

We helped Mölnlycke to start living their core values of passion, learning and integrity. We began by developing a house of brands and introducing a consistent look and tone-of-voice that could tell a compelling story, whichever product we were promoting.

Over time, our aim was to help this leading manufacturer to build a loyal following. Building on their raison d’etre with campaigns that resonate, they could become the authority on theatre consumables and give healthcare professionals even more confidence in their products.


We worked closely with Mölnlycke Health Care across their entire portfolio of brands to develop coherent campaigns that demonstrate their unique understanding of theatre nurses and surgeons.

Specifically, we helped them to become a reassuring voice amid rising public concern about MRSA, and other hospital superbugs, through the launch of three new HiBi products: HiBi Wash for use around the home; and HiBi Alcohol Gel and HiBi Gel Hand Rub for ‘on the go’.

Our web-based marketing campaign was supported with press advertising, patient leaflets, detail aids and data sheets, as well as regular newsletters, training events and ‘round table’ discussions with healthcare professionals.

We also helped Mölnlycke to become consumer-facing for the first time, with the development of ‘Skinzone’ –  a dedicated area within their website designed to provide interactive information on various skin conditions and an opportunity to purchase products directly from an online shop.

Through consistent branding and intelligent, creative communications, we have allowed Mölnlycke Health Care to build on its global success, increasing brand recognition, as well as sales.