Salts Healthcare

The Great British Shape Off

Getting customers to test a product’s benefits first-hand

SecuPlast® Mouldable Seals are a must for any ileostomist or urostomist who suffers from leaks as they can be stretched and shaped, without warming, to form a leakproof seal around the stoma.

When Salts launched their stickiest, strongest, easiest-to-mould and most absorbent seals, they needed an exciting event to show the true flexibility of the SecuPlast® product.

We created ‘The Great British Shape Off’ – a competition at Salts Big Days Out where ostomists were invited to mould SecuPlast® seals into anything they desired. With a prize for the most creative entries, hundreds of ostomists took part and enjoyed a unique, memorable way of getting to know this new product and its capabilities.